What we do...

Animal Assisted Education Australia (AAE-Aus) is a participant first organisation providing experiences for people to assist with their individual learning or life goals.  We provide farm & companion animals, nature & most importantly patience to offer truly individualised learning for each of our Villagers.  

NDIS Accreditation & Certifications Coming Soon

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NDIS CODE 15_056_0128_1_3 

Private, 1 on 1 session or up to 1:3 . Utilising animals, nature and play to develop communication, social skills and learning for children and young adults.  This program is especially beneficial for the Neuro- Diverse -being Neuro- psychiatric conditions such as ASD, ADHD, OCD,                          Schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress & alike.   

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 Animal Studies / Animal Care

Provides individuals with the skills & knowledge to work as an animal handler providing animal assisted services to support people with disabilities & special needs.

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 Animal Behaviour & Training

This skill set is for people interested in working with animals in roles like "Veterinarian nurse", RSPCA or animal assisted services to support people with disabilities or special needs.

Meet The Team


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Sara joined AAEA late 2020 as an artist and creative co-worker. She

has been an artist and maker for

20 years after finishing an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts and Applied Design in South Australia. Sara has worked as an art teacher, curator and art facilitator, with schools, businesses, private groups and

one-on-one sessions, both in Australia and Europe. At ANE-AUS 

Sara is offering individual and

group art workshops for anyone interested in experimenting,

 and exploring art. 


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Founder & Animal Assisted Learning facilitator.  After a year of mentor ship under the families animal management experts, 2 years of the "School of Youtube" and a cumulative 24 years of parenthood this class clown, turned, Airmen in the Australian Defence Force, turned Airfield Rescue Fire Fighter draws upon life experience more than formal education to serve his community.


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Co-Founder, Executive communicator & events programmer, often the face and voice of the Animal Assisted Education- Aus' Board.  As wife to an adult diagnosed Autist, mother of 2 (daughter is also on the spectrum) Julia has over a decade of experience communicating with & advocating for people on the Spectrum.  In addition to her 8 years military service, Julia studied a Bachelor of Criminology, Diploma of Justice and numerous certificates in mental health, youth work and child protection juvenile justice.

Meet The Board

Kate Stansfield

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Kate Stansfield is a teacher and school leader in literacy education. She has worked closely with teachers as a Literacy Coach to improve to improve student reading and writing. She has a firm belief that all children can be successful learners given the right teaching and tools to help them. Kate loves reading dystopian fiction and always recommends reading the book before seeing the movie. Her favourite quote is ‘nevertheless she persisted’. Kate’s greatest joy in life is her son Jack

Kevin Delaforce

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Founder & Animal Assisted Learning facilitator, husband & father of 2.  After his daughter being Diagnosed Autistic in 2010 leading to himself being diagnosed at 27, some life changing events in the workplace & almost 10 years of hard won mental health improvements, Kevin and his wife founded "Bush and barrel" the beginnings of Animal Assisted Education Australia Inc.